Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Real Meaning of Life

Sunday Morning Sermon - Mar 30 2014

How can 
 be happy?

Some believe that there is only one single meaning of life. They think that the Universe was created for a purpose and is a part of a larger cosmic plan. They think our meaning comes from being part of this plan and is written into the Universe waiting to be discovered.

A more practical view of 
meaning in life
 by some others
 is different. They believe that there is no obvious purpose to the Universe but that it is a natural phenomenon with no design behind it. Meaning, is not something out there waiting to be discovered but what we create in our own lives. And although this vast and incredibly old Universe was not created for us, all of us are connected to something bigger than ourselves, whether it is family or community, traditions, culture, an idea or cause to look forward to the future
and the beautiful wider natural world 
n which we were all born and 
  species have evolved. 

This way of thinking means that there is not just one big fact of the meaning of life but a multiple view that can be different from person to person. Each one of us is unique and are different personalities depending on  a complex mixture influenced by our parents,
teachers, community, culture, religion, 
environment, connections and the massive nature of our world. They change with experience and circumstances. There are no simple recipes of living that are applicable to all peoples. We have different tastes and priorities. One person may like painting, walking in the woods and caring for their grand children. Another may prefer sports or hobbies. Some may venture into helping others, some wage war. Different intent and goals. We may find meaning through family or career and chart our future according to what we perceive, understand, and experience.

The time to be happy is now and the way to find meaning to life is to get on and live it as fully and as well as we can
 using choice as the basic premise


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