Monday, March 24, 2014

Embracing our Contradictions

Sunday Morning Sermon - Mar 23 2014 

There are many people on our planet who think and believe that contradictions are bad. Surely, we must learn to accept that contradictions are actually a necessary part of life where we, humans,  can engage in debate, discussion, and conclusions based on ideas, values, and thoughts that are positive. Of course negative contradictions do lead to violence and destruction as we have seen across the globe over many decades.

The worlds differences have evolved from un-enlightened morality makers who intimidate others using fear, power and control. They have subjected masses of humanity into unquestioning submission and obedience depriving them of their own individual thought. The conflicts and wars we have seen through the ages are a product of this kind of abuse that conditions the minds of ordinary people and their rulers.

What makes a strong human character? We often see many two dimensionally oriented people who, on the other hand try to show a very strong personality across the table and on the other hand crumble into smithereens within their own personal lives. What is it that they are missing out in managing their issues and contradictions?

What is it that makes people tick? Wy do they say and do what they do, even when they know that the outcome could be harmful, detrimental, argumentative, or disharmonious? Conversation and discussion is a part and parcel of human life. We are not lonely creatures. We need to communicate, discuss, argue, debate, and challenge, pre conceived perceptions, scientific theories, and other facts in order to be able to move ahead and not stagnate into brain washed geeks.

Usually, we find that people tend to receive contradictory messages in their lives. Innovate, but dont make mistakes. Think long term but improve your productivity now. Downsize but enhance your teamwork. Empower people but make sure they follow the corporate rules. Kind of spins one head into a whirl. What the F do they really want people to do?

Faced with these kind of contradictions most people choose to play it safe. Hence the status quo prevails. Exhortations abut the need for change fall on deaf ears and some of the best laid plans fall on deaf ears.

Embracing the contradiction helps to try and understand what it actually means and how best it can provide us with better solutions and answers to the many questions and dilemma we face on a day to day basis.

It always pays to try and look out of the box cos it is only then that on e actually sees things that one has never seen before.


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