Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Human Rights Deception

Sunday Morning Sermon Apr 6 2014

So we think we enjoy human rights, huh? Do we really? Maybe, yes, some of it at some points and situations in our lives. But is there a global commitment that we can clearly see towards getting there? I a, not too sure.

Running through Chrstian Amanpour's CNN story about how the 2,000+ indigenous people of Diego Garcia were uprooted from their native soil and planted into stinking ghetto's in Mauritius, made me mad. Was this really something that could happen? Especially in the hands of the UK and the USA, two massive campaigners for Human Rights across the globe. They, who waged wears, invaded nations, subdued dictators, and caused mayhem to so may millions of innocent people under the cover of protecting human rights?

Doesnt make much sense, does it?

Take a look at how these so called legal eagles conduct themselves in courts of law in democratic nations where the onus is on the prosecution to prove the accused guilty. How often do we see people being arrested, confined to cells without trial or access to valid legal recourse in these first world nations? How often do we hear of lawyers trying to protect the innocence of their contents even if they were fully aware that the individual is guilty? What lies, deceptions, and legal caveats they pluck to get their clients free?

Where is all the human rights in these affairs? Whose rights are they protecting and whose rights are they abusing?

While most folks respect and honor the judicial systems in democratic nations the basic premise on which it is established seems to be flawed. How can a legal professional protect his client using such falsehood and deceit? Doesnt that act itself defeat the whole legal process in one vicious sweep of the scabbard?

Surely, dont the legal men and women, at least those who possess some semblance of honor and justice, see through this gaping hole in the system and try to have it fixed., permanently, for the good of all humanity?

Vietnam, Korea, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, are all gross examples of how innocent peoples human rights have been abused and violated over the past decades.

And finally, look at the silly status of the United Nations, who were set up to uphold the rights of all, in its many declarations, votes, and sanctions it has imposed on nations and peoples using the brute force of a few powerful countries?

What a crazy cocked up world we live in?

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