Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today we shall read from the Gospel of the Rev Abbod Thumber


1:1 In the beginning was the Vibration, And the Vibration took off, And life had begun.

1:2  A Sine Curve appeared, There was a rise and a fall, Life began to grow.

1:3 Sound was heard, Light began to flash, The Wind whispered, Water flowed.

1:4 A Date was born. It was Monday. The Moon was high.

1:5 There was work to do. Or there would be no pay. HR was tough.

1:6 So the mountains grew. The trees were tall. Fish were swimming.

1:7 And it was Evening.

1:8 And the Waters spread bringing life.

1.9 Man was born. So was Woman. They indulged. What other choice did they have?

1.10 And thats when all the trouble started.


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