Thursday, March 21, 2013


Most often, in these trying, yet, modern times of technological advancement, scientific discoveries, and massive development, it appears that compassion is a virtue that is slowly slipping away from human minds, across the globe. Times may be tough in terms of the downturn of global economies, political conflicts, ethnic divides and social upheavals. People are also working longer hours to barely make ends meet. Tired, frustrated, and a bit apathetic, when an opportunity arises to show compassion, some folks just don't have it in their heads.
Life was never a bed of roses. Everyone has a cross to bear. It's just part of being human on this earth. Whether it is emotional, mental, or a physical hardship, most people are simply doing the best they can with the resources that are available to them.
But where has all the compassion that we used to see in the days gone by all disappeared to? Is there a way to make it rise again? Keeping in mind that most everyone do suffer with something or another, to hold premeditated judgments or turn a blind eye when faced with a calamity popping its head in your presence is not virtuous at all. It's plain downright selfish.
People do have a tendency to conclude their judgments about others without trying to figure out the why's and what's that may have caused their difficult situations. More often than not there is a mind set that usually blames them for their predicament and walks away unperturbed about the conditions that they may be faced with.
Showing some form of attention and care towards those who may be in difficulty does have the potential to lift people up while it may also put them in a position of being able to misuse the kindness taken to be a weakness.
Compassion is basically a feeling of empathy to see another suffering or in difficulty. Do you think you are a compassionate person? Does your mind go out to those who show signs of struggle and suffering? Do you actively engage in compassionate acts or do you pass judgment or hope that someone else will help them?
It is written that those who look the other way are worse folks than those who perpetrate hatred, violence and evil upon others.
is the world churning in a melting pot of a moral dilemma where humanity is losing its ability to care for others and concentrate mainly on bettering themselves?

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