Thursday, March 7, 2013


Wednesday Short Story - Mar 6 2013

Just imagine that one morning you wake up from a good nights sleep and find yourself in a strange room that's empty except for ceiling to floor cupboards on all four walls containing little index card drawers only. They are like the ones you used to find in the old RC library, neatly marked and arranged in alphabetical order.

You walk up to the drawers and find one titled "People I have Liked very Much". You open the drawer and flip through the cards. They contain names that you immediately recognize as those friends and family with whom you had the best of times, as you can possibly remember. You close the drawer and move to another one. Its titled "Friends I have betrayed". You open the drawer and flip through the cards, read the names, and you know exactly who and what they are.

And then you find more with titles like "Books I have Read", "Dames I have screwed", "Movies I have seen", "Cars I have owned", "Countries I have visited", "Lies I have told", "Jokes I have cracked", "Lustful Thoughts", Songs I have loved", and so on.

You are amazed and overwhelmed at the recollection of all the people, places and things that you have been associated with all your life. Its more like a memory spasm hitting you from the front. It is difficult for you to even imagine that all this has actually transpired through your life. You wonder why you are being shown this now and where you actually are?

Who else could see these cards, you wonder. It seems scary that the cat would be out of the bag since only you knew most of the stuff that was on the cards.

And then you come to the drawer marked "Things I have shared and taught others". You think about the other drawers and compare the number of cards inside this one. Are they more, equal or less?

You wonder. Have I accomplished my mission in life?



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