Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sri Lanka, My Dream Home

It takes a minute to download and worth the watch. Great clip showing the influx of British and European families seeking a home in sunny Sri Lanka



  1. Irshad:

    I wish these people a happy life in sl, but i would not encourage this, for reasons i see here . If they happen to come in large numbers, the sl kans are not going to be amused just like holiday resorts like the balearic islanders of spain or those living on the island of Sylt in germany. They have a fat purse and buy the best real estates and ruin the prices. In Sylt, it has become impossible for an islander to buy an appartment, let alone a house, since the rich from other parts of germany have bought the houses, which cost a couple of million euros. Houses which would not sell for one third the price outside Sylt. The houses remain closed thru' out the year, except for a few weeks in summer. This has caused the closure of all services trade in many regions of the island. The baker and the grocer is no more in the neighbourhood and that is a big problem for those who live there thru' out the year. Resistance is mounting in these islands, specially in spain. The Sylt islanders are increasingly moving to the mainland and travel to the island for work. This is not a positive development.

  2. Ajith:

    There are colonies now on the South coast
    Land prices have gone through the roof
    Same in Malaysia. They create some employment
    And now they are banned from Buying land, only leasing
    For 35 years, I am told after the last budget

  3. Fazli:

    why only the south coast?
    what about the north western coastline, south eastern belt which are all very salubrious and comfortable locations, too?

  4. Ajith:

    Closest to Colombo and the Airport

  5. Suren:

    Muthu might change his mind,Ando could u sponsor this British citizen?

  6. Fazli:

    Muthu's eyes are set on PP
    He will never settle on the southern coast, if and when he makes up his mind to return, for sure

  7. Suren:

    He will return only if the Monk(eyes)join him in PP

  8. Suren:

    Muthu might change his mind,Ando could u sponsor this British citizen?