Sunday, May 24, 2015

More Military Madness

The intense US military campaign aimed at crippling AQ and The Taliban has so far failed to inflict more than fleeting setbacks on the insurgency or put meaningful pressure on its leaders to seek peace, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials citing the latest assessments of the conflicts in the Middle East. The recent upsurge of ISIS is another bolt of evidence to prove how bad the American campaign has resulted in. While targeted airstrikes may bring home some results in dampening the enemy onslaugt it is virtually impossible to remove the enemy on the ground using this means. The Israeli bombing of Gaza and the West Bank are also shining examples of this failure over the past 65 years.

Such campaigns in troubled nations where tribes, sects, religious groups, and locally manifested differences causes create tensions internally need to be resolved amicably by all parties if one is seriously interested in peace. Unless of course one has the means to destroy and annihilate an entire people who are a part of the problem.

The situation in Iraq is a glaring example of the mess that the Yankees have got into, no thanks to GWB senior and junior. Ironical it is that the present military strikes on northern Iraq against the ISIS are being carried out from the Anti Aircraft Carrier George H W Bush sitting in the Arabian Gulf.

For how long more do the western allies think and believe they can stop the carnage? It looks so foolish in the eyes of the lay people to watch in silence when these campaigns kick off in the name of "Peace" and "Contentment".

What a mess!

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