Monday, June 23, 2014


Sunday Morning Sermon - Jun 22 2014

If the Brits didnt give us independence,
and sail their ships back home,
If the old Colonial system prevailed,
none of us will have to roam;
If religion was kept personal,
and not mixed up with rule,
If people were treated equal,
we wouldnt see all these fools.

If English was maintained as language,
there would be none to complain,
If Sinhala Only was never introduced,
it would have taken away so much pain;
If communities were given opportunities,
all equal under the law,
If governance had been impartial,
there was no room for flaw.

If violence was not adopted,
to seek out our basic rights,
If common sense was sought,
there was no reason for fights;
If Monks just stayed in temples,
and carried on their chants,
If Mullahs kept their preaching,
to the confines of their pants.

If we as a common people,
didnt turn the other side,
If we spoke out against hatred,
there would be no reason to hide;
If common sense prevailed,
and brainwashing was blown away,
If only compassion led the way,
We would have had our Day.

[apologies to RK]

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