Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Desecrating the Holy

Sunday Morning Sermon - Nov 2 2013

In recent days we are hearing more stories and happenings of one religious group desecrating and destroying the shrines and holy places of other religious groups. Such hatred and the ensuing havoc is mostly being generated by radical elements of one religion against another, especially in multi cultural societies.

The problem is rampant in the third world while, we are also seeing some signs of it surfacing in the developed world, surprisingly.

Religious conflict, across the globe, has always been a part and parcel of life on our planet earth since the beginning of time. Many are the wars that have been fought over religious issues. The USA was created because of religious persecution in England and Europe.

It is often that you hear and see many of those folks who belong to these various religions claim that their God, Deity, Goddess, or Guru, will surely take revenge for this kind of carnage on those who perpetrate them. While this may be a psychological way for them to appease themselves and stay calm it truly doesnt make any sense whatsoever from a common sense logical point of view.

The basic question that needs to asked and appraised is why dont these super beings ensure that their holy places are not attacked and take immediate action on the evil oned even before they create their mischief? If they are all powerful, omnipotent, and whatever else that is attributed to them, then surely they must know before hand what the mischief makers are up to, and surely they are able to punish them upfront?

Doesnt make any sense to me at all.


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