Friday, October 11, 2013

Why Suffering?

Sunday Morning Sermon - Oct 12 2013
Man thinks he has got everything right, and, hence works hard to ensure the systems he has put in place are maintained. These direct the way we live, think, act and even die. But the facts are he has made some horrible mistakes and the reason we are killing the world we are dependent on for life is because of the behavior he has brought about and the tragedy set upon us by selfishness and greed.
Many ask the question of why do we suffer and they rarely get a satisfactory answer. Ask a religious guru the same question and he wont be able to give you a sensible answer.
There is no doubt that some things we are not expected to know or understand and as soon as man discovers something he immediately starts to wreck it. This is happening now with genes which are only some fifty or so years away from their discovery. Already we are chopping into them, transforming them with bits taken from different species, and making our own versions of what we think we should have for a better life.
It is no different now to how it has always been as our brains anticipate the dreams of something better beyond the horizon. Caves were relatively uncomfortable and wild animals took their toll on family members so something was pushing for progress. That incentive to improve our lot has never diminished and no matter how much we suffer we can always measure our success through the determination of modern life.
Technology just about does everything for us now and robots are able to replace humans in many forms of engagement. Medicine is able to keep us alive well beyond our use by date and workloads are a lot easier now than just a few years ago. No matter how much these things have improved, however, there are still wars, suffering, overpopulation and now global warming. We are doomed by the very things we have put in place to save us.
Man-made religions, spiritual guru's, Ministers, Monks, and self appointed Mullah's are leading us all towards annihilation.
There is a good reason why humans suffer but we need to have an open mind to be able to understand, recognize it, and get off the bus. 

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