Sunday, September 29, 2013


Without nature humans will never survive on our mother planet Earth. We have a moral and ethical obligation to treat nature with respect and kindness. We must learn to tread lightly upon her and listen to her birds sing, her winds sigh through the branches of her trees, her wildness deliver its message through her wolves, coyotes, foxes and other wonderful creatures, and enter her presence to restore our souls.

We must learn to be compassionate to her animals and give them assurance that we are their friends. As we hug a child to let it know that it is loved so should we hug a tree to show our respect for the oxygen and shade it provides us and for the homes it provides for birds and squirrels and so many other creatures and life forms.
It is our bounden duty to treat nature as a special gift that has been bestowed upon us; for to respect life we are obligated to respect nature. The Golden Rule is meant to apply equally to all. To do otherwise constitutes the profoundest disrespect to the basic ethics of life.
We see some getting out to their gardens. Try and plant a tree or two if you can because the world needs trees. Fruit trees are needed even more.
Lets try not to cut down trees unnecessarily. Trees take many decades to grow into what they are today. They provide shade for the weary, homes for the birds, and contribute to the food chain by way of their emissions.
“Waste is a sin against nature. As long as we respect the earth and make use of its gifts then we can live in harmony with nature,” 

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