Friday, July 12, 2013

Writing Politics

Sunday Morning Sermon July 13 2013

Politics always raises very strong opinions, views and even stronger emotions, which makes political articles even more complex. Successful Expert Authors who specialize in this intricate niche know the best practices to writing quality political articles.

With the coming and going of each election season, there is a massive increase of political articles, stories, debates, and publicity across all media. These contributions to the political arena are often made by less experienced Expert Authors whose strong wills and resolute emotions are often reactive to current events.

Media bias also contributes immensely as to what is published where. Fox, for example is well known for its right wing and extreme stand. AlJazeera may be more biased towards Arabs and Islam. The Ceylon Daily News will always mollycoddle the MR  regime, for obvious reasons.

Some choose to ignore specific events although they may be high profile or significant just because it doesn't go with their grain.

Freedom of the press is nice to have in any democracy. Yet, it still comes under the hammer of what is allowed to be shown and what needs to be kept under wraps. Governments, usually hide behind the curtain of national security in order to stifle a particular news item that may expose their underwear. Wikileaks and the ongoing Edward Snowden chase are super examples of how democracy has failed to allow free speech.

While on the one hand there is a massive clamor to hurt the sensitivities of religious people by making fun of their God's, prophets, and Faith, based on freedom of expression, the need to shut down what some folks do not want others to see also prevails across the board, from Tokyo to Timbuktoo, whichever direction one chooses to travel.

No one can run away from the fact that we live in a world sandwiched between double standards in its various hues, colors, and concoctions.

Take the recent reports of the activities of the BBS, Duminda Silva, and DIG Vaas, back home, from each side of the aisle. The compatriots of the perpetrators of these crimes want to stifle the reality of the events while those on the other side want to bring the roof down. Even the reporting of Channel 4 UK during the LTTE campaign in Sri Lanka was totally biased to a great degree. BBC use their own style of diplomacy to run with the hare and chase with the hounds.

At the end of the day we only get what we are supposed to see and know. It is only when dynamic and independent individuals like Snowden, Manning or Assange, come forth with the raw evidence of whats happening behind the scene that all hell breaks loose.

Will we ever be 
​able ​
to live
 without a lie
 on this planet?


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