Saturday, May 18, 2013

V-Day or M-Day?

Sunday Morning Sermon - May 22 2013

While many lion heart citizens of Sri Lanka will celebrate V-Day today, the Diaspora  overseas will be mourning their cause for having lost the war and their cherished dream of a separate homeland in the North.

Wars may be won or lost on paper. Its the battles that define the outcome on the ground. At the end of the day there are no real winners. All parties are losers.

The many battles fought to establish an Eelam for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka were won and lost over 30 long years of pain, suffering, struggles, and hardship. The final battle that conclude on this day only eliminated the head. The mindset of the remaining Diaspora still think and believe that their hopes for a homeland are still alive. Many of them were not even born in the island. Some have never even visited. All they are aware of is what their elders have put into their heads. hatred, hatred, and more hatred.

Israel may have won the 1967 war with the Arabs. Yet, they still do not have peace on the ground 46 years after. Is it really worth killing for this elusive peace? For how long?

Is there a methodology available to win a Peace instead of a War?

I think enough is enough. Both sides need to stop the cackle and get on the ground and execute something more valuable for the people rather than seek to score brownie points in Geneva or the Commonwealth. The western media has poured oil on to the fire, sadly. Whatever their agenda may be. Only they know why. Its like asking why Fox news bashes Arabs and Islam all of the time?

When WWII was ended with the final landing at Normandy the international community proclaimed that the war was over. Was it really? yes, the battles were all won but the war was never over. It still goes on.

Russia became the cold war enemy. China followed suit. Vietnam began. The Koreas jumped in. Palestine continued unabated and is still burning to date. Africa erupted. AlQaeda popped its ugly head. The Taleban was born. Iraq and Afghanistan joined the party. The Arab spring awoke. The BBS has risen from its monastic slumber. And the battles go on. The fires are still burning.

Wars are never ended. They simply go on and on and on.

On top of it all the Mudalali's keep smiling all the way to their banks.


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