Friday, January 11, 2013

Who killed Rizana Nafeek?

Who killed Rizana Nafeek?
I, said the Father,
together with her Mother,
We killed Rizana Nafeek.

Who sent her out?
I, said the Agent,
with a little resentment,
I sent her out.

Who gave her work?
We, said the family,
to take care of our baby,
We gave her the work.

Who choked the baby?
The bottle says the evidence,
without any pretense,
I choked the baby.

Who tried her case out?
I, said the Shariah,
just like a warrior,
I tried her case.

Who chopped her head off?
I, said the hood,
with my shining sword,
I chopped her head off.

Who didnt do his biding?
I, said the Embassy,
we dont want to be fussy,
We'll take the blame.

Who has to answer?
Society, and its clout,
who force the lasses out,
They have to answer.

Who'll be the loser?
Humanity, has lost,
Pipped at the post,
Humanity is the loser.

Who'll stop this mess?
No hands to be seen,
No one is clean.
Can you stop this mess?.

All the people on this planet
fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,
when they heard the axe fall
on poor Rizana Nafeek.

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